12/5/05 ~ Random Recommendations

There is a lot of good stuff out. Here's some people, books, and miscellany I enjoy. (Click on my links for a more complete list of favorites.)

Cal Slayton's blog ~ Amazing artist. He's posted some cool pin-ups recently.

Fragile Prophet #1 (from Lost in the Dark Press) ~ I'm a fan of Stephen Buell's Video, and now this new series only continues to spotlight his talent.

Flaming Carrot ~ Bob Burden's surreal comic super hero still has a special place in my heart. A little weird, but I like it.

Temporary ~ From Damon Hurd and Rick Smith, probably one of the best indie books I've read in awhile.

Marshmallowville ~ This site is fun. They've got a movie intro, a rap song, and a comic book. I want a Marshmallow Shooter for Christmas!

Fast Forward Online ~ My wife is the co-manager for the online store. She's been rather busy lately, but doesn't the site look nice?