12/4/05 ~ The Conspiracy

This weekend's Art Conspiracy was amazing. Melissa and I are so glad Sarah Jane invited us to participate. The first night, Friday, we went there to work on our stuff. Melissa had put together some photos she'd been working on all week, and made an abstract collage. Really beautiful. I had fun painting. I'm not great, but I do enjoy playing around and seeing what comes out. And turns out... Harry Potter. Yes, I painted Harry Potter. Wim did this cool stencil of Johnny Cash and used spray paint. Chris Shafer painted this funky Bandito that came together nicely. I love experiences like this, where a bunch of creative folk get together and work side by side. Just a positive environment.

Saturday night was the big event. The art went on sale. The bands played. The place was packed. Which speaking of, the Texas Theatre? That's an awesome building. Needs a lot of renovation... but so much local history, it's exciting to be there.

photo from Sarah Jane's blog
(click for larger image)

The Happy Bullets played first. Kennedy loved them, wide-eyed, open mouth in awe. They played some new songs for an upcoming album, which sounded great. The band keeps getting better. A lot of our friends were there, and love spending time with them. (Bethany, we'll be at your birthday party!) We had to leave early, due to 1.5 year old daughter and bedtime.