11/18/05 ~ Spirit of Comics Retailer Award

I sent in my nomination last year, but I'm making a stronger push for Zeus Comics this year. Fact is there are a lot of great retailers in the DFW area. We've been fortunate. However, if we can make a collective drive to get Zeus this special Eisner Award, one they deserve, I think that would be cool.

On a personal level, they've supported me and my own work beyond the call of duty (or rationality). They got my wife hooked on comics, to where she would go to Zeus without me. I consider Richard, Barry, and Chris to be good friends, and I feel a deep need to do this for them.

Here's the ballot:

You'll need to fax the ballot in or mail it yourself.

Other details--
Retailer's Name: Richard Neal
Store name: Zeus Toys and Comics
Complete Store Address: Turtle Creek Village, 3878 Oaklawn Ave, Suite 100E, Dallas, TX 75219
Store phone number: 214-219-8697