3/2/05 ~ Party all night

Last night, past midnight, my daughter is wide awake. Not just awake. Hyper-awake. Rocking back and forth, making happy squeeky-noises awake. When Melissa came home from work, we stayed up to watch two episodes of Firefly ("Jaynestown" and "Out of Gas"). Kennedy, I guess, decided to stay up with us. Rocking back and forth.

At the first sign of acting sleepy, we'd rush her to bed, where she'd pretend to go to sleep. But within minutes (seconds?), she'd be crying. Ack! And ever since she learned how to sit up on her own, Kennedy has started sitting up in her sleep. I don't pretend to understand. I only accept. It's odd to see a 10 month old asleep, mumbling to herself, and sitting up-- all at the same time. Like some sort of strange mediative position.

At around 2:30, I decided to drive her around the neighborhood. She has a tendency to sleep in the car. Maybe it'd work? After about thirty minutes, victory! Sort of. She was still awake, but noticeably more tired. It's as though Kennedy figured out the party ended hours ago and she's the last guest.

It should be noted this isn't normally the case. Kennedy hasn't been feeling well lately, and she's going to the doctor today for a check-up and shots.

I called Melissa this morning. Kennedy is taking her nap. Figures.