2/28/05 ~ Pet Peeves

Monday must be a day for pet peeves. After reading Melissa's list-- I will offer my own. Sorry for stealing your blog idea, funny and true. :)

-not using a turn signal (ditto with Melissa)
-the phrase "last but not least"
-use of the word "artsy" to critize something
-when people get openly angry about standing in a line
-when people only want "the gist" (we watch several hours of TV each week, but we cannot listen to five minutes of someone else's story)
-when a DVD menu spoils something in the movie itself
-when people suggest superhero ideas whenever I tell them I write comics (i.e. "you should do a story about a plummer with powers, you could call it... Plummer-Man")
-when people say "Uh-oh, I better watch my grammar around you" whenever I tell them I teach English