2/9/05 ~ Writing games

Yesterday, I took a half-day at school. I left at noon to attend a teacher's workshop on ways to teach the writing portion of our state exit-level test. These workshops can be boring, but I always enjoy whenever we practice some of the writing exercises. Little writing games remniscient of the numerous creative writing classes I took in college.

In one exercise, you draw an slip of paper from a baggy. The paper has a word or phrase on it. You use the word or phrase to complete the statement, "I never thought that I'd become a (fill in the blank)" and then you have five minutes to write on the prompt. Here what I came up with.

I never thought that I'd become a seat on a bus. In fact, I never thought anything interesting would ever happen to me. Everyday was like the other. I rode the #5 busline to and from work five days a week. At my job, I counted beans, inspecting them for freshness, color, and durability. Duirng my lunch break, I'd steal a few limabeans, saltine crackers, and a packet of mustard. For eighteen years, riding the bus, counting beans, and my boring lima-cracker sandwich with mustard. One day, while in the bus, I couldn't get up from my seat. I missed my stop! People started sitting on me. I tried to yell "Stop it. There are beans waiting for me that must be counted." No sound came out. No one heard. I was bolted to the floor with a 60 years old lady sitting on my lap. Maybe my boss would look for me? Maybe Shelley from accounting would wonder why I hadn't picked up my paycheck? Nope. I'm a seat on a bus now. While I can't explain it in scientific terms, it's true. I'd like to say, this new career is really taking me places, but in actuality I'm just going around in circles.