2/2/05 ~ Collect all four

This past year, I had four different short stories published. It's been a year for anthologies. I've been fortunate to reach a larger audience. Today, the last of those anthologies hits the shelves-- Dead@17: Rough Cut, Volume Two.

I wrote "Fight to Live" in the first installment, and Josh Howard invited me back to contribute another story to the Dead@17 mythos. I've tried to find the stories that fans would most enjoy. So in volume one, I showed Nara's resurrection. In volume two, this story "The Sparrow" goes back to the very beginning-- Nara's mother running away with her infant daughter. How does Nara end up being adopted? What sacrifices are made to protect this child of promise?

I really like the story. Guy LeMay's art is great, and perfectly fits the mood. We tried something different for this one. Absolutely no dialogue, only a woman singing the song, "His Eyes are on the Sparrow". Honestly, I'm a little excited, nervous (?) to see how people respond. I don't know if the reviewers will like it at all, but we'll see.

In addition to Guy and myself, there is some amazing talent on this anthology-- Joe Breeden, Cal Slayton, Kazu Kibuishi, Greg Gatlin, Brent Schoonover, Alex Hamby, Benjamin Hall, Marlena Hall, Pat Bussey, Wes Molebash, and Brain Thompson. Well worth the price of admission.

Here's a preview of page one