2/1/05 ~ Pre-Order Doll Parts #2

This book has to be one of my favorite truly "independent" titles. The first issue was amazing. We interviewed Mel Erwin and Christopher Herndon on the Fanboy Radio's November Indie Show (#194). Since then, she has revamped her website and is taking orders for the second issue of Doll Polls-- to be shipped February 16th.

This isn't the typical murder mystery. There's no grizzled detective haunted by his past and determined to crack the case against all odds. There's no cryptic letters published in the paper, no great statements, and no manifestos to spell out the rhyme and reason in overly simplistic and cliched metaphors for easy reader comprehension. There's just a working class community where everyone knows everyone else but nobody knows what the hell is going on.

This is a story about the victims, and their friends, and their families. It's a story about rumors and their consequences, and it's also a story about a bunch of really weird people and the really weird things that tie them all together. Oh yeah, and it's a story about a guy who has serious issues with women and a fondness for cutting them up and dressing them like dolls.

To order, send $2.50 (plus $1.00 shipping) to melerwin80(at)melerwin DOT com via Paypal, OR email her to let her know if you'd rather send a check or money order.