1/26/05 ~ Exit 126 #4

From Jeff Elden, Matt Leong, and entire Exit 126 crew comes their exciting fourth issue of Exit 126-- one bad ass anthology.

They've been kind enough to include the Antigone prologue that Tom Kurzanski and I did almost a year ago. Overall, the Antigone project has been sitting on the proverbial shelf while Tom and I work on other things. So it's cool to see Antigone in print.

Once Exit 126 sets up their online store, you may want to pick up a copy of issues one through four. There are some great stories in it.

Shawn Gaston continues his dark and gritty "Doors and Windows" story. "Anemic" by Matt Lauer is fun and original. Joel Leong's prose story "Demon Hunters" continues in this issue, and it's a wonderful addition to the anthology. Matt Leong crafts his story "The Adventures of Mathilda Frump". Matt wins the so-damn-good award. Matt's artwork and storytelling sensibilities just keep getting better and better. I love it. Mr Western Tales of Terror himself Josh Fialkov offers two of his "Poorly Drawn Animals" strips-- quirky and cool. Magz' "The Tecnicolor Yawn" makes dry heaves oddly poignant. And finally, Jeff Elden's "I Brough Lincoln to the Future" has a wit and a humorous style I greatly admire. Jeff is becoming one of my favorite cartoonists.

So have I sucked up enough? Jeff, Matt, love you guys. Next time you come to Texas, I get to be the big spoon.