1/21/05 ~ Pick of the Week

Not every week, but occasionally, I feel the need to spotlight a book that you shouldn't miss. Recently, I mentioned the return of the Flaming Carrot.

Today, I want to point you towards... Ovi Nedelcu's PIGTALE. To say that I'm impressed by Ovi's art style would be an understatement, I'm amazed by it. In the deepest sense of the word, amazed. Ovi is part of a new generation of cartoonists and comic book illustrators who have figured out how to integrate an animator's sensibility into the comic book medium. I would add to this movement-- Kazu Kibuishi (who I'm convinced is the next Great One) and his gang on the Flight Anthology, plus Canales and Guarnido from Blacksad, and Doug Tennapel of Creature Tech.

Ovi's shows us the benefit of a story arc. More space. Space to create absolutely beautiful two page spreads, not to waste space or flaunt ability, but as a way to pull the reader into the story. Ovi can also pack in the pages, moving a story along with attention to the narrative.

Is it too early to say this is the best new series for 2005?