1/19/05 ~ In Stores Today

The Silent Forest Television Parody Special arrives in stores today! Featuring four great tales by talents such as Jake Black, Chris Burke, Michael J. Bencik, David Hopkins, Patrick Rodriguez, and the Beranek Brothers, the Special is sure to please fans of Silent Forest and television alike.

Priced at $4.95 and containing 48 pages of goodness, the Silent Forest Television Parody Special is available now at your favorite local comic book shop. Pick up your copy today!

My CSI parody is the last story in the book. The Werebear Brothers discover a dead golfer on their abandoned golf course. How did he get there? Who is responsible for this crime? What will the evidence reveal? And why is there a random crossover guest appearance in the middle of the story? Alas, these questions go unanswered. But at least they tried hard.