4/25/2004 ~ I did it!

I successfully completed the 24 hour comic book challenge-- create a 24 page comic book (story, pencil, and ink) within 24 hours. I had a great time. This experience, for me, was nothing short of amazing. I have never spent 24 hours working on a single task. The fact that I can't draw, added an interesting element to the challenge. (I'm not being modest... my abilities are minimal, at best.) However, I didn't want to cop out with stick figures. I attempted to draw as best I could.

The artists did some great work-- Josh Howard, Ben Hall, Matt Raney, Khalid Robertson, Scott Kurtz, Greg Thompson, and Robbi Rodriguez among others. I was very impressed by the quality of work they were able to produce in such conditions. Lone Star was wonderfully hospitable.

Sleepiness wasn't as much of a factor as I thought it would be. I was exhausted, but not drowsy. Some people had fallen asleep at their work area, pencil in hand. The ipod was invaluable to tune out (pun intended) surrounding chatter and noises. My biggest problem was my hand. After about sixteen hours of drawing, it really began to hurt (still does). By the last hour, every line I drew ached. My hand was shaking, and it was difficult to get a straight line.

As soon as I'm able, I'll post my 24 hour comic online. [click here for photos of the event]