4/19/2004 ~ Weekend Adventures

Jeff Elden and his friends Dave, Traci, and Andrea stayed at our house this weekend. Jeff and Dave are filming a documentary on mini-comics/creators who independently produce their work. They interviewed me on Friday night, which was fun. I sat at my computer and tried to look as witty and intelligent as possible.

On Saturday, we drove to the Dallas Comic Con where they interviewed some more people. I was fortunate to meet Matt Raney of Comics 42 (which is a great book) and the crew from Hero Camp (also a great book). Later that day, we had a cook-out at the house. The charcoal took awhile to get going, but we had a nice fire eventually. My friends Clay, Greg (and his daughter Olivia), and Scott also stopped by.

On Sunday, we all went to the zoo (photos posted soon). Afterwards, Jeff and I joined hosts Scott and Oliver for episode 149 of Fanboy Radio. Topic? Super Hero Movies. Needless to say, it's been a busy weekend. I'm worn out.