* This past weekend, Melissa and I moved into our new house. Actually, I shouldn't say "new". It was built in 1958. We've been busy packing and unpacking, tearing off wallpaper, and on Thursday, painting the kitchen and living room. This weekend, we're having a birthday party for Melissa-- a nice cook-out to break in the backyard. I'll take pictures and post them in the scrapbook next week.

* Thomas Kurzanski sent me pencil sketches for the first two pages of the Antigone prologue. His work looks absolutely incredible. Kurzanski is a complete professional, and he has my highest respect. I promise you: our Antigone will blow your mind.

* Finished reading the first four trades of Transmetropolitan. Dang. I'm hooked. Started reading Syd Field's Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting.