Tick Tary Tanner’s
Spells for the Woodland Wizard

"I never went to a school for wizards. I didn’t have teachers who watched over my shoulder to see if I was doing everything correctly. I had my spellbook, and I had the forest around me to be my tutor. Every tree, every mountain, every river and stream has taught me something—more knowledge is contained within a single leaf than all the books in Candlekeep." - Tick Tary Tanner

Add a fun twist to your homebrew D&D campaign with Tick Tary Tanner’s Spells for the Woodland Wizard—21 exciting, unconventional spells (from cantrips to 9th level, across a wide range of schools) for your wayward wizard. Most of the spells were designed with a woodland/nature theme.

Not merely "druid spells for a wizard," these spells focus on tree-hugging spellcasters who rely on their intelligence to navigate a dangerous, unforgiving world. These spells can be used (and enjoyed) by any wizard subclass. For DMs, this publication provides interesting spells that your players will definitely not expect! Make sure to check out the material component for the spell "Best Friends Forever." 

Some hilarious, some offbeat, these spells will add a lot of personality to your gameplay.

"I believe a little dirt under the nails is a necessary component for any spell." - Tick Tary Tanner

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