Runway (Winter 2012): Meet the All-New Terminal A


His simple conclusion: “Every world-class city is a port.”

By David Hopkins

Originally published in Runway, Winter 2012

Originally published in Runway, Winter 2012

In 1964, recently elected Dallas Mayor J. Erik Jonsson began visiting every major city in the world to learn what made these locations unique. His simple conclusion: “Every world-class city is a port.” Realizing the Dallas-Fort Worth area needed a port to connect with the rest of the world, he took the first steps to making Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport a reality.

To this day, DFW International Airport continues to be an invaluable modern port for North Texas—a hub of scale and efficiency. However, since DFW Airport opened in 1974, the domestic terminals A, B, C, and E have remained largely untouched. And so, on February 24, 2011, DFW Airport began its seven-year Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP). Terminal A, section A will be the first part of the airport to undergo renovation. Construction will be completed in phases to minimize its impact on day-to-day operations.

From the moment travelers pull into the parking garage, they’ll see distinct improvements. Garages will have better lighting and a more efficient layout to help people find their cars when they return. And screens will indicate the number of available spots on a particular floor.

Entering the terminal, travelers will encounter more self-check kiosks to print their boarding pass to speed their trip. And, since airport security has improved significantly since DFW Airport opened, renovations will provide more room for security checkpoints— ensuring less stress and time from the car to the gate.

The upgraded terminals will also be more energy efficient. TRIP has conducted thorough evaluations of how aspects such as color and natural lighting interact to illuminate a space. The result will be smart design for a better terminal.

Like DFW’s award-winning international Terminal D, the new terminals will feature distinctive restaurants and shops. Each terminal will showcase Texas favorites like Salt Lick and Twisted Root Burger Company, alongside national names such as La Madeleine and Einstein Bros Bagels.

Amenities such as restrooms, seating, and climate control will be modernized and upgraded.

One thing will not change—DFW’s famously quick walk from gate to baggage claim to front curb. Busy travelers can rest assured that their trip back to the car will be as short as ever.

J. Erik Jonsson’s epiphany changed North Texas forever. DFW International Airport takes his vision and understands that a “modern port for a modern world” is one that continually upgrades and improves to meet a wide range of needs. In that spirit, TRIP will make this beloved port even better.