Let’s start with the disclaimer. I like the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. I do. I wish them the best, and I hope they continue to be a strong presence in the Dallas arts and music scene.

But stop calling me.

About two years ago, I took April to the symphony for Valentine’s Day. We purchased nice seats and had a good time. To buy the tickets online, I gave them my contact information. Later, I received a call from one of their volunteers. Donate $50? Sure why not. I like the Dallas Symphony (see first paragraph). They wanted more money, but that’s all I could part with at the time. And then the phone calls began. Read more


PrintThe Short Story of the Month Club ventures into its third month. This time, I’m dabbling with parody and writing about comic book conventions. We have 128 subscribers. For only $10, you can join the fun. Here’s a preview of this month’s story:

“Lolito” by David Hopkins

Lolito, bane of my existence, pain in my ass. My sin, my suffering. Lo-lee-toe: the tip of the spine shudders taking a trip of three vertebrae downward to tap, at three. Lo. Lee. Toe.

He was Toe, plain Toe, at the live art show, standing five feet ten in combat boots. He was Toto in his oversized Kevin-Smith jean shorts. He was Lee at school. He was Lorenzo on the dotted line. But at my booth, at every damn comic book convention, he was always Lolito.

As Vladimir Nabokov once wrote, “You can always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style.”

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, exhibit number one is what all geeks and nerds, the misinformed, simple and noble, envied: I had my own booth to sell my comics. I had a base of operations.

He invaded that base on a continual basis. Read more


Every night, when my family eats dinner, we play “news and goods.” We go around the table to share what happened that day and what we’re happy about. Here’s my news and goods for Friday:

* I just submitted a feature story to Arlington Magazine about homebrewing. I also wrote a profile on J.R. Bentley’s for the fledgling publication. The two pieces will appear in the September/October issue.

* Tomorrow, I will have a booth at Strip: The Dallas Webcomics Expo. It takes place at the Southfork Hotel in Plano. I’ll be selling copies of ASTRONAUT DAD: THE COMPLETE EDITION and taking subscriptions for the SHORT STORY OF THE MONTH CLUB. (I think) I’m participating in a panel on “Print Media With the Pros” at 1:30 PM. Read more


I originally found this trailer on Big Fanboy. DC always does an amazing job with their animated films (New Frontier, Wonder Woman, All-Star Superman, Batman: Year One). I’m looking forward to their treatment of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.


Can we all agree that no one is happy? Chick-Fil-A certainly does not want this kind of publicity. Even if people are showing up in droves to support them, it’s just not the attention a company wants. They want to talk about their chicken sandwiches and that one mysterious pickle slice. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders are not happy. It’s another scary reminder that an entire network of organizations exist in this country committed to keeping them repressed, spreading lies and fear, actively denying rights that are available to anyone else. Christians can’t be too happy either–those who feel that gays are “shoving it in their face” (more on that later), threatening their beliefs, and those who feel misrepresented by the anti-gay faction in the church.

I read on D Magazine’s Frontburner blog yesterday this comment by Edward: “What happened to the Christianity that I grew up with? I mean, as Baptists we weren’t particularly fond of the Catholics (they drank liquor!), but all-in-all we learned about loving people and spent our money on helping out poor people in America and overseas.” Christians, that comment can’t make you happy, can it?

I’ve read Facebook. No one is happy about the situation.

Here are some thoughts on the matter. Read more


I didn’t attend this year’s Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, but I drank there. Tim Rogers invited me to join them at the hotel bar. He’s a fine hospitable fellow. I had a good time, arriving at around 9 PM and didn’t leave until 2 AM.

It was an interesting gathering of talented writers from all over the country. This happened. So did this. And this.

I need to register for next year’s conference. From what I heard, the workshops and seminars were all good. Plus, a hotel room might make the late nights less daunting.

I get a little skeptical about writing conferences. They sometimes cater to a desperate constituency. Maybe because the conference is hosted by UNT, and not Writer’s Digest, it reaches a different crowd. If I do attend a conference next year, I’ll give Mayborn a shot. If nothing else, they have the bar.

UPDATE: Peter Simek wins the Mayborn report. Forget what I’ve written and just go here.


Wizard World has a new contest available. You could win the chance to work for them. Here are the details:

* Submit a video showing your crazy vlogging (not a word) skills. The video will be uploaded to the Wizard World’s YouTube channel.
* Get friends to vote on your video.
* The top 10 contestants will work as videographers at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. You must cover at least two of the four days.
* Wizard World will pay your admission to the convention.
* Wizard World will not pay your airfare and accommodations.

How is this a contest? Read more


postcardA month ago, I had a few beers with Matt Cobb, neighbor and renown writing champ. He suggested that I print some postcards to promote my freelance work.

Good idea.

And whenever I want good ideas to look good, I call Paul Milligan. He designed the postcard. (Thanks Paul! Great work as always.) And I liked the illustration so much that I decided to use it for the site.

Ahem –>

In other news: I’m working on two stories for Arlington Magazine. Look for them in September/October issue.


It looks like I’m not the only person with a story-of-the-month club. My friend Jason Rodriguez announced the release of his short story “The Girl Who Could Live In Yesterday” for free on I just read the story, and it’s great. Here’s all the information:

A couple of months ago I started writing sci-fi and fantasy shorts aimed at 2-4 year-old kids. I was jokingly calling them “Stories I’ll Tell My Future Children.” I recently decided to start distributing them via Amazon on a monthly basis – some illustrated, some not illustrated. Each story will be free for the first week and then go up to ninety-nine cents. I opted out of Digital Rights Management so that they can be passed around and shared by whoever might want to read them. And they will always be free in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

The first story, The Girl Who Could Live In Yesterday, is now live and free on at the link: Read more


The switch to WordPress a few years ago kinda blew my mind. I had suffered through web design for several years, always with mixed results. In other words, I knew just enough to be bad at it. Once I started using WordPress, things became so much easier. Last year, I decided to pay for a nicer theme. I bought Standard, and I’ve been very happy with it. Nice, clean design, simple to manage. Recently, they upgraded to 3.0, which is what you see here. (Ta-da!) I really like the changes they’ve made. Read more

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