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UPDATE: The Short Story of the Month Club is no more. We accomplished our goals. It was great. Now, you can read the result, here: We Miss All the Great Parties


If you subscribe, each month you’ll receive an email with a new short story written by me, plus an amazing first page illustration by my wife April. The stories will be available in pdf, epub, and mobi formats (compatible with most e-readers).

The first story was delivered on June 5, 2012. If you subscribe later, don’t worry. We’ll immediately send you the ones you’ve missed. $10, 10 months, 10 stories

Important: Once you receive your confirmation email, add my email address to your contact list. This ensures that the monthly stories don’t get tagged as spam.

The stories I’ve written so far

June :: If You Could Be
July :: The Lucky Buck Poetry Club
August :: Lolito
September :: Escaping Venus Texas
October :: A Bank and a Blue Floral Dress
December :: Six Seconds Left
January :: Conversations at Metro Diner

How long will each short story be? I’m planning for each short story to be around 3,000 to 5,000 words. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t dare give you a scrawny short story.

What will the stories be about? It’s a surprise, of course. I’m guessing 80% will be literary fiction, stories about normal people stepping into extraordinary circumstances with a few twists here and there.

Tell me about the art. All the short stories will be illustrated by my very talented wife. There will be one major illustration piece per short story. I don’t want to just send a good story; I want the overall layout and design to also be worth your time.

Will you ever make these stories available for free? No. If you want to read any of these short stories, you will have to pay for them. I might include a brief sample on my blog to entice the non-subscribers, but that’s it.

Can I “share” your stories with other people? You know, to spread the word? That’s very nice of you, but no. If they really want to participate, they should subscribe like everyone else. If you want to “spread the word,” send them to my website. This site has a lot of free stuff.

Are you going to do this every year? Probably not, but if the idea takes off, I might continue.

Any other questions? Please contact me.

This project was made possible through Kickstarter.


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