Learning From a Loss
“A lifetime of chess knowledge, as if entangled in the webbed fingers of the brain tumor, was removed.” read more
How Craft Beer (Finally) Came to Dallas
“Dallas was barren for no other reason than bad zoning laws.” read more
The Tracks of Progress
“Graffiti-tagged freight cars present a modern art museum on wheels. Autos edge closer, hoping to hurry the train along.” read more
Strings Attached
“Whether it’s a mysterious buzzing or the ubiquitous snapped string or busted bow, Caraway taught her how to fix it.” read more
Gone Country
“David Mitchell was driving on Interstate 635 in his Mercedes-Benz, certain he was about to die.”  read more
The Lost Art of Shining Shoes
Griffis grew up watching her dad, a retired barber, shine shoes.” read more
Deep in the Heart of Arlington
“All this buzz reflects a national trend, a shift in perspective that again makes downtown crucial to a city’s identity.” read more
In Appreciation of Honeybees
Susan locked pinkies with me, leaned forward, and with our foreheads almost touching, she said, ‘There, now you’re a member.'” read more
Larry Brown Just Can’t Stop
“The white board that runs the length of the room is filled with plays mapped in Xs and Os, arrows flailing in every direction, the pseudo-mathematical scribblings of a mad scientist.” read more
Dropping the Ball
Banowsky has the face of a news anchor and the smile of a small-town pastor. He speaks with a pleasant and steady voice. He’s the kind of person you want to like you.” read more
The All-New Terminal A
“In 1964, recently elected Dallas Mayor J. Erik Jonsson began visiting every major city in the world to learn what made these locations unique. His simple conclusion: ‘Every world-class city is a port.'” read more
How I Learned to Tolerate Coffee
“A well-calibrated drip coffee maker is not to be disparaged.” read more
“A few weeks ago, he sprained his ankle on some uneven pavement while walking his dog. He only recently ditched his crutches. Now he’s wearing a pair of Asics sneakers, and he has a busy day ahead.” read more
Leader of the Geeks
“The Irving Convention Center is perhaps the ideal venue for a comic book and sci-fi convention. It looks like a Star Wars spacecraft, with its odd, jutting angles, top-heavy presence, and industrial, rust-colored facade.” read more
The Good Fortune of Bad Kids
“Inside, the room pulsed with music, but no one danced—save for one guy. He was all over the place. A few girls in tight dresses swayed to the beat, which was all their attire would allow.” read more
Good Defense
Charles Johnson has a knack for finding students in need. During his 15 years as a security worker at North Dallas High School, he has taken in 39 teenagers who had nowhere else to go.”  read more
Letter from Scarborough
Grandquist, paradoxically hip and nerdy with his thick-rimmed glasses and ruffled hair, stands at one end of the room. He starts the meeting and introduces me, the writer, adding, ‘So, please, no one drop your pants.'” read more
Triple Hops
“Wim Bens was born in Belgium, homeland of interesting beer.” read more
Letter from Downtown Arlington
“Arlington paved over a well with magic healing water in the name of better roads and ample parking.” read more
Letter from Six Flags Mall
“You crazy bastard, at least the pizza place is near the theater! I want to grab the old man behind the counter and scream: ‘How do you survive?'” read more
Miss Excitement
“She turns her back to me, spreads her legs, and tries to bend over.” read more


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