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Lakewood Brewing Company is close, so close. (Click here to read their latest update.) A few months ago, I wrote a story for D Magazine about the three Dallas-area breweries. And now, Lakewood has its equipment. All the paperwork has been filed. They have TABC approval. The plumbers and electricians are doing what they do. So close, you can almost taste it. Literally. It’s beer.

I don’t know where you’ll be when you have your first Lakewood beer. However, in honor of this new start, I’d like to give a toast to my friends Wim and Trevor. Raise your glass. I’ll raise mine. Read more


May 19th and 20th, Dallas Comic Con returns with a ridiculously impressive line-up of comics and media guests. I’m also on the guest list. Visit the official site and scroll down, way down. I’ll still be here when you return. Read more


So yesterday really happened. I saw on Twitter that Good Records was hosting an “Amanda Palmer Ninja Gig.” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it’s Amanda Palmer–so I wanted to go. I like her solo work and her previous band Dresden Dolls. Years ago, I first heard “Sex Changes” on KTCU, and I immediately went to iTunes for more.

When April and I arrived at Good Records (forever the best music store in Dallas, if not all of Texas), the place was already packed. People crowded the aisles. One guy in front of me leaned his hand heavily on the LPs, and it drove me crazy. You’re hurting the vinyl! It was hard to see the stage. Amanda played the ukulele and talked about each song. Then, to my surprise, she called her husband Neil Gaiman to the stage.

Neil Gaiman is here? Read more


My rockstar artist wife designed the new logo for my website and business cards. I think the logo looks great, nice and simple, partnered with the portrait by my friend Dave Crosland. I’m getting ready for June 2012… more on that soon.

I’ve ordered 20 copies of ONE NIGHT STAND and should have 20 copies of the complete ASTRONAUT DAD ready for STAPLE! April and I reserved our hotel room. We’re set. No other conventions planned yet.

I’m also working on a new story for D Magazine about Scarborough Renaissance Festival, which I should have finished by the end of the week.

Not much else to report.


This Friday, January 27th, will be a panel discussion and reception for the In[k]dependent: Comic and Zine Art exhibition that my friend Josh Rose co-curated with Iris Bechtol at Eastfield College.

The panel discussion is from 6 PM to 7 PM in G101 and features comic writer David Hopkins (that’s me) and artists Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd.

I will be talking about my mini-comic projects SOME OTHER DAY, MINE ALL MINE, ONE NIGHT STAND, AN ILLUSTRATED COMPANION PAMPHLET, DANGERZONE DAVE VS THE REALISTIC DOLPHIN, and FIGHTING DAVID PARROT — particularly how I use these projects to experiment with the comics medium.

The reception will take place immediately following the discussion, from 7:30 PM to 9 PM in Gallery 219 (room F219C).

For directions and further information, click here.


My dramatic return to STAPLE! is nigh. (Yes, I said “nigh.”) I’ll have a table in the exhibit hall. It’s a great show in a great city. If you live anywhere within 200 miles of greater Austin area, I’d recommend making the trip. I’m planning to have copies of ONE NIGHT STAND (a nicer 6×9 printing through Lulu). We’re still fine tuning the complete ASTRONAUT DAD graphic novel. Hopefully, we should have it ready by March. Beyond that, of course, I’ll have copies of ANTIGONE, KARMA INCORPORATED, and EMILY EDISON. I’d like to bring some of my other writing, but I’m not quite sure how I’d present it.

I received this update from Uncle Staple, the founding father and organizer of the annual event. Read more


My friend Erica Stephens is working with my other friends at ArtLoveMagic to host an exciting event called the Creative Kids Art Show Gala 2011. Here’s the press release:

On December 19, experience an unforgettable night as the Hilton Anatole, along with the freestyle art squad from the Just-Us League, presents the Creative Kids Artshow Gala 2011! Two worlds collide when members of Dallas’ edgy underground art community join Dallas socialites for an evening you won’t want to miss. Beneath the Nebula in the atrium, a diverse assortment of artists from the Just-Us League will be working in various mediums creating several holiday-themed pieces in only 111 minutes! Then, to top off the night, all eleven artists will come together to create a larger-than-life portrayal of a snow-frosted landscape of downtown Dallas. Completing their first collaborate mural on January 11, 2011, these artists pride themselves on coming together “for the power of one,” – this diverse crew of professional and amateur artists deeply roots itself in the number one. The Just-Us League’s founder Jerod Alexander was the artist behind an eye-catching wall mural in the current Gaultier Exhibit at Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), and has since been commissioned to create the official Gaultier show poster that will be sold in DMA gift shops until February 2012. Read more


I’m back at the Koltanowski Conference. Since I’m cheap, I found a loophole to parking at the expensive Anatole Hilton. I parked across the highway near the Renaissance hotel in a vacant lot, and made the trek to our conference. Take that, expensive parking lot.

At the beginning of today’s first session, Alexey Root told everyone she would distribute a pdf of the presenters’ lecture notes. It should be available on the conference website. However, I still want to take my own notes as well. Read more


I’m attending the 2nd Koltanowski Conference on Chess and Education. I was going to live blog the event. However, since I can’t find an open Wi-Fi connection, I’m doing a pseudo-live blog. I’m typing it now and will upload it once I get home (UPDATE: I’m home). It’s a two day event. Maybe tomorrow you’ll get a more authentic “live blog” experience, if I can find a Wi-Fi signal. I’m sure Hilton Anatole has available Internet. But like everything else, they will probably charge $1 for every minute you use it. I’m still a little bitter because I paid $16 to park there for three hours. Next conference, can we meet at the Howard Johnson?

Here we go: Read more


I decided to simplify the Chess Club of Arlington website and remove the blog, shifting some of the chess-related posts over here: I would hate to lose my commentary on the Saint Louis trip. All in favor of a complete That David Hopkins, now with more chess. Read more

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