We Miss All the Great Parties
We Miss All the Great Parties
“Discarded pizza boxes, DVDs, fast food wrappers, and unopened junk mail spiraled across my living room, originating from my couch like the fibonacci sequence.”

The Wild and Wayward Tales of Tammi True
“I’m sitting with a 72-year-old woman, looking at a scrapbook filled with naked photos of her, naked with the exception of pasties and a G-string.”

The Hero Wears the Hat
“This story is not only about survival but also about immigration—people entering into a new habitat and finding their place within it.”

Secrets and Secret-Keepers
“He decides his only option is to either quit being Spider-Man entirely or forgo any hope of marriage. Now this is a superhero who’s serious about maintaining a secret identity!”

A History of Violence
“Forget a deeper postmodern critique of the superhero as a reconstruction of masculine language systems. I want to know how Superman doesn’t kill people when he hits them.”


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