(also on Melissa‘s blog) So strange. Melissa and I were both friends with Danielle. Not until last year, did we discover that we both knew her. Another situation where our lives crossed paths before we actually met. Melissa was best friends with her in Elementary. I was friends with Danielle in High School, and we went to church camp together. I found out about her death when I googled her name– I thought it’d be fun for Melissa and I to meet up with Danielle again, but she’s gone.

Danielle Lee Pio was born Sept. 22, 1979, in Indianapolis, Indiana. She attended Martin and Mansfield high schools. She was an avid writer and had written for the Star-Telegram’s Class Acts section.

Survivors: 2-year-old son, Kenyon Michael Pio of Mansfield; father, Stephen Pio of Mansfield; sister, Jessica Spaulding of Arlington; and grandmother, Sara Decyk of Ellenton, Fla.

Moore Funeral Home-Bowen Chapel

I don’t know if it really matters, but I’m curious as to what happened. Danielle was so young, and she left a 2-year-old son behind.

  1. i am raising Danielle’s son. He is now 14.

    • Hi Susan. I’m glad to know he has a loving mother to care for him. It’s not easy being 14. If he’s ever curious about his biological mother—when I knew Danielle way back in high school—she had a wonderful sense of humor and a kind disposition. She was much smarter than her grades let on. She laughed loudly and always looked out for her friends.

      Since googling “Danielle Pio” tends to led people here and to the other post I wrote, you should know that I can’t confirm any of the details surrounding her years after high school. This post is now eleven years old, and since then, I’ve received emails from her friends, each with their own accounts, and even one anonymous letter sent to my P.O. box. Much of the information is conflicting and inconsistent. The general consensus seems to be that Danielle had depression, and she did not receive the treatment she needed.

      As with anyone who has depression, it’s hard to see the next day. But I know that Danielle had friends and family who cared deeply about her, if she could’ve held on a little longer I’d like to believe that she would’ve been okay.

  2. I met Danielle when she was 15. I was in a relationship with her father until 2002. I was there when Kenyon was born. He calls me Grandma. I would like to see the e-mails & information you have received. I can confirm or set straight most of the information. Kenyon looks very much like his momma. I wish she were here to see what an amazing young man he is.

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